night magic

Lea Gardens’ plant collection is classed as ‘significant’ in the Scottish context and is the largest north of the famous Inverewe Gardens.

It comprises over 1,500 taxa from all over the world, from rare Chinese members of the lily family in the east, to North American woodland species in the west of the globe, and from Alaskan shelter trees in the northern hemisphere to shrubs from New Zealand’s South Island to Tierra del Fuego in the Antipodes.

Lea Gardens receives no subsidies or grants and is funded entirely from plant sales,  visitors’ donations and writing.

The garden, still expanding, comprises two acres, and includes shelter belts, wild flower meadows, woodland areas, herbaceous and mixed borders, a pond, wetland and especially constructed limestone and granite landscapes for lime lovers and ericaceous plants respectively.

The garden is run by its proprietors James and Rosa with the assistance of one dog, five cats, at least two hooded crows, seasonal staff, and volunteers from all over the world, but maintaining and restocking it to the highest standards and safeguarding our valuable plant collection is stretching our very limited funds.

We are at the moment busy preparing for a fundraising event to be held on

Saturday, 30th June from 7pm until late

We provide:

 A ‘peerie’, but lavish buffet – Shetland lamb, Vaila pork and seasonal Lea Gardens produce including Rosa’s legendary Bohemian raspberry cheesecake

A plentiful supply of delicious tap water – bring a bottle if you fancy something stronger or different

Classical Music

 Guided tours of the garden if it’s dry – guided tours of the house if it’s wet

 Our wwoofers, Angelo Sky and William Tsang, will attend to your every need

 Frolicking on the lawns optional but highly recommended

 Bathing in the pond at your own risk – beware blood-sucking leeches and killer tadpoles.

 Suggested donation to garden funds £5.00 per person

To book see contact details in Shetland Times 23.6. and Shetland News website

Garden and nursery open daily from 2-5pm, some rare plants available

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2 Responses to night magic

  1. Alison Moy says:

    I’m so sad I can’t join you at what I suspect will be an amazing event! I’m going to buy a ticket anyway….and be there in spirit, frolicking on the lawns! I may have something stronger than water…

    Much love, Al xxxx

  2. Cat Davidson says:

    What a great idea – I hope it all goes swimmingly, you must take lots of photos and post them on the blog.
    Bohemian raspberry cheescake, good grief that sounds amazing. :)

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